Have you discovered this valuable tool for Cake Decorators yet?

Professional, useful, quick and easy tracking....


A Customer Order Pad designed by cake decorators for cake decorators!

  • Available in a bundle of 3 pads of either 25 sets or 50 sets
  • There is a place to add an order number if desired, room to track delivery details, space to make notes on the design, as well as pricing and customer approval.
  • Keep track of all your orders and customer details all in one place
  • Keep a duplicate copy for your own records
  • Start a library of cake designs
  • Add your own stamp or business card to personalise. Look professional and beat your local competition who perhaps do not!
  • Keeping a written record of any deposit and balance due means no more mystery about what is still owing by any customer
  • Scan and email the Customer Order Form for orders which have been telephoned in.
  • Clarity in price and design - confirmed by customer signature - gives assurance to your customers that they will get the order they are expecting
An invaluable tool to help busy cake decorators.

The front cover is card and is used as a writing shield to protect the blank sets beneath. Simply rip of top cover, and place under the first set of orders (one white and one pink) before filling in. This will save any spoilage to the sheets underneath. The Order Pad paper is NCR (no carbon required - one white top sheet and a pink carbon copy)

Your choice...

Simply decide which size pad and order your triple pack NOW!

You have a choice of 3 x small - 25 order sets OR 3 x large - 50 order sets.

Your delivery charge will be added on at point of purchase depending upon your location.

Triple Pack Small Customer Order Pads
  • packed in 25's
  • £21.54 + v.a.t.


  • UK – £4.00
  • Europe – £13.80
  • Worldwide – £22.05
Triple Pack Large Customer Order Pads
  • packed in 50's
  • £32.38 + v.a.t.


  • UK – £4.99
  • Europe – £13.80
  • Worldwide – £27.94

*** For large order pads (50's) outside of UK, please email [email protected] for a postage and packaging price

Postage and packing prices above are for the small (25's) large Triple (50's) pad(s). This will be added to your order - depending upon your delivery details.

Please note - that due to recent changes in E.U. law, our prices are shown without v.a.t. Any v.a.t. due will be added on to your order, depending upon your location at the time of purchase.

CakeCoachOnline would like to acknowledge the fact that posting our order pads anywhere outside of the UK is pricey.

If you are resident outside of UK and would like our electronic version of the product, click the button below:

"Thank you for a brilliant product!"

The Customer orders sheets are great and I have been using them for a couple of years now.
When I started my business I used to print out duplicate copies so I had one for myself and the other for my customer, this was so time consuming!
I have to say the seal of approval was when I had one of my meetings with EHO (Environmental Health Officer).
As you know it is more paperwork and proof of where you purchase products etc than anything else.
As she was leaving she asked " do you keep records of what your customers buy from you?"
Yes I do, here you are.
She was so impressed by the layout and how clear the information was. Especially the section 'special instructions'. This is what I use for Allergies as this is extremely important.
In short, I am keeping this system and not going to be using anything else any time soon.

Emma James

"The Order Pads have exceeded my expectations massively!"

Just letting you know the pads came today and I must say I am very very happy with them, i'm not quite sure what I was expecting but they have exceeded my expectation massively.

So thank you so very much.

Lucy Richards

"Can't do without one!"

Perfect for my records!

Penny Grundon – UK

"I think they are brilliant"

Have to say I think they're brilliant, made my life a bit easier!!

Lorraine Griffin

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