Discover things that Cake Decorating Classes don't tell you

( to turn your craft skills into money – 

even if you don't know where to start)

Do you get asked by your friends and family to bake cakes for special occasions?

Are you tired of charging everyone "at cost" or even less , when your time and skill is drastically undervalued?

Making a cake for a friend here or there is fine...

BUT - more often than not, selling cakes as a "hobby" will quickly leave you underpaid, exhausted and resenting your skill.

It's time to take on cake orders consistently, while charging your true value as a professional Cake Baker & Decorator!

Time to stop getting paid peanuts for your work!

There's a glaring problem I've noticed in the Cake Industry...

Most cake decorators who want to take that next step are confident and highly-skilled as a baker...

...but they've never developed the "skills" needed to ask for money and get paid their true worth.

And without the right ideas and help this can lead to a painful sequence of events:

  • Guessing prices, Discounting and Price Wars – all of which undervalue your time and talent.
  • Taking on wrong clients and filling ANY orders – creating exhaustion and frustration for a skill you once loved.
  • Sitting and waiting for new orders, rather than having potential customers come to YOU!

When this happens, you haven't created a business... you've created a nightmare than you can't possibly enjoy.

Here is the TRUTH...

If you're serious about turning your cake hobby into a lucrative business, you need both skill AND a solid business foundation.

I scoured the internet looking for a system that helped turn talented bakers into lucrative and CONSISTENT professional cake entrepreneurs.

And without the information to make changes to what you are currently doing - I am guessing that in one years time, everything will still be the same. Still underpricing, guessing the value of time, not knowing for sure how to sell your design to a potential customer, losing orders as a result - and so the merry-go-round continues.

You see....

I couldn't find ANYTHING that covered what bakers and decorators really needed...

So I created a system myself!

And you now have the opportunity to get on board and change things for your cake decorating business. Imagine knowing EXACTLY what your ingredients SHOULD be charged at, your hourly rate, what to add to a cost, where to find new customers, how to have the 'how much?' conversation with a potential customer and how to win the order, plus a lot of hints and tips on how to track time, keep libraries of designs and costs and ideas for running a cake business too.

Why not join us?

Here are more details...

I call this system "Cash For Cakes"

Cash For Cakes is an 8 week course specifically designed for skilled cake bakers and decorators who want to take their skills and create consistent income as a professional business.

This course includes everything I have learnt since urgently needing to turn my cake skills into a professional money-making home cake business 20 years ago.

Who EXACTLY IS Cash For Cakes meant for?

If you are a 'mover and shaker' of the cake decorating world...

If you are looking to price cakes fairly (while earning a motivating profit on each order)...

If you want new strategies for selling your designs, and get a resounding 'Yes' from your potential customers..

If you want rock-solid confidence in business, time saving strategies, organisational tips and the knowledge to push your business forward to the success that you deserve...

If any of this sounds like you, then read on!
Please note: Subscription prices include vat @20% for UK purchasers

We truly only want delighted customers and are therefore offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are disappointed with your purchase and would like a refund please contact us - and your refund will be dealt with speedily and without grumpiness!

I am Karen MacFadyen and I have worked with creative designers, all my life, organizing them, encouraging them and advising them on how to price plus log essential details which made the difference to a successful business and a little while ago, I realized I could help cake designers/decorators to do exactly the same.

I am qualified in City & Guilds Sugarcraft, a teaching certificate and Business Coaching - as well as small business skills gained from working with designers for many years

So I have put together an 8 Module System - which details... How to Price Cakes, How to Sell Cakes, Finding More Customers – as well as a complete module stuffed full of ideas and inspiration on just how to get your business completely organised from now on.

What EXACTLY will you discover in the 8-Week 'Cash For Cakes' System?

Each week of the course reveals a new module to take action on...

Here's just a taste of what you'll be learning:

– Part 1 –
Business "Set-Up" & Positioning Your Service
  • Define & leverage your strongest skills as a baker/decorator
  • Differentiate yourself from any other competitors, and stand out to your potential customers (even in a sea of highly-experienced and skilled competitors)
  • How to specialize/niche for specific markets
  • Discover which critical "pieces" MUST be in place before you begin operating your business.
– Part 2 –
Pricing for Profit & Adopting a Money-Making Business Mindset
  • The TOP hidden limiting beliefs that are preventing you from CONSISTENT high monthly earnings... (and how to instantly re-wire your brain for a money-making mindset).
  • How to position your prices so that they are fair and attractive to customers, while ensuring specific profit margins on EACH order! (Never undercharge for a cake again!)
  • Implement the CakeCoachOnline 10-Step Pricing System - ensuring nothing is missed and you don't continue to lose money
– Part 3 –
Valuing Time, Extra Costs and Profit
  • How to CORRECTLY estimate the time it takes to complete an order from start-to-finish, so you can accurately budget time in your day and NEVER have to feel overwhelmed.
  • How to analyse, organise and inventory cupboard ingredients - and drastically cut your ingredient shopping time each week.
  • Set up specific income goals, and break down step-by-step WHAT needs to happen in order to achieve those goals. (it's all in the numbers...) :)
– Part 4 –
Filling the New Customer Pipeline
  • How to market to your specific niche, even if there are already competitors in that field in your area (competitors aren't a BAD thing... it means money is flowing in that market!).
  • 116 ways to find new customers
  • How to get customers to contact YOU to place an order, rather than you chasing down leads, or going to endless networking meet-ups.
– Part 5 –
Gaining Confidence with Selling
  • The #1 reason some cake decorators struggle with selling - and how to quickly turn this into an area of strength rather than a weakness
  • The 3 different types of salespersons
  • Why customers buy, and how to describe your products to make your customers desperately want your cake!
– Part 6 –
The 7 Step Sales Wheel
  • What to say & do upon Initial client contact
  • How to present your designs so that customers are EXCITED about your options, and want to buy.
  • How to turn your Customer enquiries and consultations into a SALE.
– Part 7 –
Rockstar Sales Techniques
  • The TOP objections that customers have when considering a cake - and how to overcome them, so you can move forward with the sale
  • The #1 customer who is most likely to buy from you - (and how to monetize these customers FIRST)
  • The 3 main ways to GROW your business
– Part 8 –
REPEAT Customers & Legal Stuff
  • How to retain and track your customers, so you can sell to them again and again.
  • How to use your happy client feedback as a powerhouse marketing tool that works to bring you new customers each month.
  • How to properly seek out recommendations/referrals so that customers will want to send friends and family to you!
  • How to track your income & expenses, and organize your bookkeeping so that it is EASY and hassle-free when tax-time approaches.
You'll also receive...
  • Support emails every week – to keep you on track with your business goals
  • Approximately 60 minutes worth of video in each module (split into easy-to-watch chunks) so you can pick it up and put it down, and watch it in between a busy family or work life too.

    (That's over 8 hours of video content!)

  • Coordinating worksheets, calculators, and guides for each of the 8 modules, including:
  • Store Cupboard Guide
  • Fondant and Marzipan calculator
  • Ribbon Guide
  • Cake Portion Calculator
  • Customer Estimate Sheet
  • Time balancing & time budgeting worksheet
  • Sales tracker sheet
  • Purchases tracker sheet
  • Purchase slip
  • Overhead organiser
  • Recharge worksheet
  • Cake Calculator PLUS
...Plus, easy-to-follow instructions on what to do, and how to use each worksheet!
You never have to "guess" your way through a cake sale again!

Imagine being able to:
  • Be 100% certain that your charges are correct every single time
  • Create a PIPELINE of new customers - as many as you want to take on - month after month

  • Never again feel awkward when selling to a stranger (or anyone for that matter)
  • Have the RIGHT customers returning again and again paying you what you deserve, and happily recommending you to their family and friends
That can happen for you.
It's all about properly setting up your business with the RIGHT system...
That's exactly what the 8-Week Cash For Cakes course is designed to do.
You have a choice...
You can choose to continue undercharging for each cake, and greatly undervalue your time..causing you to get overwhelmed, overworked, and fed up with a hobby you once enjoyed.

And maybe you'll eventually hit your huge business goals using the "bake until you drop" method, maybe you won't.

But the truth is...I don't want that for you.

And I don't think you want that either, or you wouldn't be on this page...

So you can either:
1) Bake yourself to death, while having little profit to show for all of your hard work and skill...
2) You can implement a tested and PROVEN system that is designed to propel your professional at-home cake business forward!
If you want to stop under-cutting yourself, and start charging your customers properly...

If you want a REAL business that allows you the total flexibility of being at-home to raise your family...

If you want to not just dream of income goals, but BLOW past them using a structured plan...

Then this is the next step you need to take for your future:


Click the button below to sign up for the 8-Week Cash For Cakes course today

We truly only want delighted customers and are therefore offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are disappointed with your purchase and would like a refund please contact us - and your refund will be dealt with speedily and without grumpiness!

But if you're anything like me, I know that you can immediately start implementing this information, and quickly turn your hobby into an at-home lucrative cake business!

SO.... I have one question to ask you...

How Many Cakes Do You Want To Design This Month?




Not only is it "doable"....but it is within your near-future reach...

Your ability to PROFIT begins when you click the link below, and transform your skill into a professional business!

Please note: Subscription prices include vat @20% for UK purchasers
"The Cash For Cakes System will definitely make me more successful!"

Recently I've also signed up for the Cash for Cakes online course. I've completed the first month's module which deals with starting up a cake business, figuring out the market you are aiming for, setting up an action plan and more.

The course has made me think of things I'd never considered regarding my business and I think as the course goes on I am going to learn a lot that will definitely make me more successful.

Whether you're just starting out or been making cakes for a while but are unsure as to how to run the business side of things, I'd definitely recommend checking out all that's on offer from Cake Coach Online.

Jane Ibbs

"The BEST online business kit so far. This is the ONLY tool needed"

I have been baking for the past 10 years but my focus has only been on developing recipes and merely baking cakes for others.

Pricing was based on what I feel was right, and of course when doing business with friends, I wouldn't want them to think that I overprice my cake although at times I realize now that I was hardly making any profit! I also didn't have enough ideas on how to make this passion of mine really, really work.

I was actually looking for a tool to help me with pricing my new cakes and desserts when I saw your advert online.

What I got was more than what I paid for. Marketing, Costing, advertising, planning, etc. etc. are what I have also learned from your program!

You have successfully made all these topics easy to understand in relation to the business of baking!

I have bought a few online kits on helping bakers run their business but this is the best so far. I would recommend that this is the ONLY tool needed by them!

M. Shariff – Malaysia

P.S. Yes - I'm a REAL cake professional, who has built a REAL business...

(I'm not some nameless, faceless person. You'll get a direct response from me should you have a question. Call me old-school, but I still believe in taking care of people with good old-fashioned personal customer service.)

P.P.S. The small investment amount is a tiny fraction of what is it COSTING you each and every month to not be hitting your Cake Business goals. Every month that you AREN'T making your financial goal...that's the amount that you're paying out as a penalty of not having your business set up and operating correctly.

How many more months will you allow potential cake orders to slip through your fingers?

Fill just 1 or 2 cake orders using my techniques, and you will have already recouped the investment amount for the course. ;)

P.P.P.S. Remember – this is a totally risk-free offer, because I'm putting ALL of the risk on me.

I'm offering a 30-Day money back guarantee, which means you can try it out, and decide if you like it.

So get the course. Soak up the material. Put it into ACTION. And use the techniques to go set up your business and start filling cake orders!

Please note: Subscription prices include vat @20% for UK purchasers
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Cash For Cakes For?
I designed Cash for Cakes for Cake Decorators who wanted to learn how to price, find customers, market and sell their creations. I also include a whole module on how to run your business effectively too. If you are just getting started it is the ideal starting place to start working through essential knowledge required for running a small business.
How long does the course last?
The course has 8 modules, which you can study at your own pace. You have access to this course for as long as CakeCoachOnline exists.
What is it?
Cash for Cakes is 8 modules – of approximately 60 minutes each. It contains short videos of approximately 5 minutes in length plus worksheets and instructions from me. Once purchased it is available online from the Members area of our website.
What happens once I purchase it?
Once purchased your username and password details are emailed to the email address you used when purchasing and the content can then be accessed by clicking on the link in that email which leads to your My Account area.
Do I have to have internet for it to work?
Yes, you do need internet in order to receive your Cash for Cakes System as all the modules and downloadable worksheets are held on our Website.
What if I don't like the system?
If you do not like your first module – just let us know within 7 days and we can forward you a refund – no questions asked. CakeCoachOnline does promise 100% satisfaction guarantee – so please email us – we only want happy and delighted customers. It is our promise to you!
Is the Cash for Cakes course easy to use?
It is simple to use – you are forwarded your access details via email. Just follow the instructions that you are sent to access your course. There are short videos to watch plus some downloadable worksheets for you to fill in and use too.
Does Cash for Cakes System pc/tablet/iPad?
The Cash for Cakes system works on any machine upon which you can access the internet and get onto our website on
Do I need to install anything extra for it to work?
Your machine does need Excel spreadsheets for some worksheets to work correctly. If any error message appears upon trying to open your worksheets contained in each module, just visit the App Store on your machine and find a free App which will open AND edit Excel and you will be good to go.
I live outside UK. Will Cash for Cakes System work in my currency?
All the downloadable worksheets – work in any decimal currency. So just like the Cake Calculator will work worldwide.
Once I have paid – do I always have access to Cash for Cakes System?
Yes you have access – so that you can review your course in the future when you want to.
Do I get any support during the course?
Yes along with the course, you will receive a series of emails which corresponds to the Module you are studying that week. These will remind you, be thought provoking and helpful at the same time. You are also free to email me any questions that you have too.
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