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We help cake decorators and bakers save both money and time, while balancing their home life and earning more

... Even if you are only just getting started


Is this you?

Burning the midnight oil busy but struggling to keep up with orders that are promised? Both frustrated and irritated. This is from earning peanuts for your skills that have taken years to learn. Constantly confused by being undervalued, whilst being anxious not to appear inadequate too.
What if there was a way to stop the hamster wheel? You know you love baking and creating. What if you COULD get paid more for your skills AND labor for your bespoke creations? Could there be a roadmap to prevent this overwhelm?
Imagine a week of orders, priced at a cost you are delighted with.
Your workstation is calm instead of cluttered. Your day is planned rather than fighting fires. Instead of uncertainty and stress - you are calm and relaxed. You have planned your work perfectly. Even slipping in time to spend quality moments with the family too.
No more discouragement with nothing to show for all your hard work. Now your family and you are enjoying the fruits of your labours. Treats, special memories and extra goodies are bought with your bakery earnings.
Instead of receiving criticism for the time you spend baking and creating, there is a change. Your loved ones now actively encourage you to take on baking and decorating orders. They know your contribution is making a difference. You are more confident and they have gained back their quality time with you too.

It's time to get more cake orders to design, while getting paid properly as a professional Cake Decorator & Home Baker!

There's a glaring problem I've noticed in the cake and baking world...

Most cake decorators who think they would like to move their hobby into a proper business are confident and highly-skilled as a baker...

...but they've never developed the "skills" needed to ask for money and get paid their true worth.

And without the right objectives, intentions or help this can lead to a painful sequence of events:

  • Guessing prices, Discounting and Price Wars – all of which undervalue your time and talent.
  • Taking on wrong clients and filling ANY orders – creating exhaustion and frustration for a skill you once loved.
  • Sitting and waiting for new orders, rather than having potential customers come to YOU!
  • Or having a completely full order book, working until the early hours of the morning and realising you still are not making any money for your troubles.

When this happens, you haven't created a business... you've created a nightmare that you can't possibly enjoy.

Here is the TRUTH...

If you're serious about turning your cake baking and decorating skills into a lucrative business, you need both skill AND a solid business foundation. And most importantly, you need to learn how to earn more whilst working less too.

And without the information to make changes to what you are currently doing – I am guessing that in one years time, everything will still be the same. Still unsure of prices, guessing the value of time, not knowing for sure how to sell your design to a potential customer, losing orders as a result – and so the merry-go-round continues.

You see....

I decided enough was enough...

We decided to create a safe place, a membership where people could communicate together and learn new skills and strategies. A place where experts will guide you gently in the direction you need to go - answering any questions along the way. Somewhere to learn about craft, business, and mindset skills and get the support and companionship you need – especially if you work from home alone.

And the CakeCoachOnline membership is called The Sweet Spot.
The Sweet Spot memberships from CakeCoachOnline has two levels to choose from.

The premium level is The Cake Circle.
Who is The Cake Circle Membership for?

It is for someone who...

  • Adores what they do. But is nervous about pricing, marketing and selling.
  • Would love to know how to earn more and work less hours.
  • Feels like they are guessing when it comes to working out costs. Is unsure what to include for their time.
  • Is heartily sick of bargain hunters expecting custom creations for the price of a supermarket cake. And does not want to give their work away for peanuts.
  • Is afraid to overcharge and lose the opportunity to a competitor.
  • Is unsure just how to get raving fans.
  • Is unclear how to get new customers or even how to get old customers to order again.
  • Wants to become more visible and look professional at the same time. But is unsure how.
  • Needs help with their brand — and how to market themselves too!
  • Would love to have the support of an expert giving them guidance every month.
  • Needs support from understanding people to deal with unintentional dream crushers - friends and loved ones who see their dream business as just an expensive hobby.
  • Would love some encouragement and companionship from people who know exactly what they are experiencing. Think how helpful a pep talk is to keep you in a positive frame of mind!
  • Is looking for a place to ask questions and get answers on everything baking and cake business building. And have a few laughs, too.
  • Appreciates that there is a lot more to building a business.
  • Wants to increase a positive mental attitude to attract great things into their day to day lives. Realizes that this could impact their working day plus have a ripple effect into their home lives and loved ones too.
  • Is willing and eager to learn new things.

Hi - I am Karen MacFadyen and I have worked with creative designers, all my life, organizing them, encouraging them and advising them on how to run a successful business and a little while ago, I realized I could help cake designers/decorators to do exactly the same.

I am qualified in City & Guilds Sugarcraft, a teaching certificate and Business Coaching – as well as small business skills gained from working with designers for many years.

I want to share with you all the tricks of the trade and the short cuts I created whilst running small businesses. Time saving strategies and techniques that truly help to get the laborious work done quicker, leaving more time for the creative bits that you love or time with your loved ones.

So I have put together the Cake Circle – as a regular support for our cake decorators and home bakers.

What is included in the Cake Circle Membership?
  • An Expert Master Class a month
    We have experts literally clamouring to come and be part of this. What makes this membership extra special is the fact that you will be able to ask questions of the experts, rather than just listen to their expertise. This is perfect for any cake decorator wanting to move the needle on their business. All sessions will be recorded – so you can catch up any time if you can't make the live broadcast.

    Experts already lining up are:
  • Branding and graphics
  • Allergens
  • Cookie business online
  • Food Photography
  • Organizing money
  • Pinterest
  • Sales and Confidence
  • Social Media for Food Industry
  • Video photography
  • Work Life Balance
  • Canva
  • Running a bakery/cafe
  • Legal help
  • Food packaging/labelling

And these are for starters - there are lots more on their way and a few special surprises already in the membership awaiting you too!

  • A 'Lucky Dip' Session Monthly
    This could be a craft demonstration, a members spotlight, a mindset session or hints & tips for your business.
    All sessions are helpful, illuminating and a brilliant aid for any cake business owner. 
  • A Business Skill Session (monthly)
    Get hints and tips along with fresh ideas from our qualified business coach Karen. Save time and money discovering shortcuts and gain confidence whilst you grow your cake business too. 
  • Done for You graphics
    If you would love to have a professional look to showcase your bakes on your social media platforms, use our templates and insert your own photos. This will save you a lot of time and energy too. (Or hiring a graphic designer which would cost much more than our monthly subscription!)
  • A 'Coffee with Karen' session a month
    This is your opportunity to meet with other members and ask any questions that you like. At the end of the day, working on your own from home can be a lonely business. How nice to have some understanding people to chat to and get their thoughts and ideas too.
  • A private Facebook group specially for The Cake Circle Members
    This is a place to hang out with other members and get support and encouragement. Some of our cake-loving guest experts are available in this private group too. So answers to your questions are fast and easy. We don't want any of our members stuck on their journeys.
  • Access to our Lite Membership Level - Cupcake Party HQ
    All members get access to Cupcake Party HQ as part of their membership too. You can create a second income stream beyond bespoke celebration cakes and have great fun while doing so. This enables you to accelerate your income when you discover how to efficiently run local parties.
  • Monthly discount codes for your supplies
    Get a discount for your baking and cake decorating with our discount codes to your favourite equipment warehouses online. We already have CakeCraftWorld (10% discount UK) and The Cake Decorating Company (10% discount UK) plus BakeDeco (USA) on board - with ongoing discounts for our Cake Circle Members. And more are being added too.
In short the Cake Circle with the Business Experts lined up, Done for You social graphics, companionship in the FB Group, Mindset/Lucky Dip sessions and Coffee with Karen Hour – is a superb resource to propel any one wanting to save money and time whilst earning more from their craft.

I think you can agree - there is a huge amount on offer with The Cake Circle membership for any aspiring cake decorator/home baker wanting help with their baking and decorating business.

This seems a really good deal – I am willing to bet it's expensive
Not at all...

Let's talk about the value

What could be the cost – if you had to purchase this help individually?
£30 Lucky Dip session
£30 Monthly business session with guest expert
£30 Monthly business session with business coach
£30 Group Coaching Session
£10 Facebook community support
£20 Warehouse Discounts
£10 Expert Directory
£40 Done for you Graphics for Social Media platforms
£17 Cupcake Party HQ access
£217 Grand total value monthly

But since we wanted to keep the price of The Cake Circle as accessible to as many people as possible we are not charging £217 a month, but just £27 (inc vat) or USD $27 for outside the UK

So how about being able to access £217 worth of value for just £27 (inc vat) each and every month.

At £6.23 per week – this is less than the cost of a visit to a coffee shop and buying a weekly coffee and slice of cake!

What better way to get the support that both you and your cake business will benefit from?

But that is not all The Cake Circle offers...

There are no less than 4 massive bonuses too – worth over 8 times more than the value of your monthly core content.

First Bonus

Cash for Cakes Course
As a gift to all members we are adding in as a bonus our Flagship programme Cash For Cakes.

Yes. You heard correctly. A $497 USD (£365 GBP) value programme is being added in for FREE.
Why would we do that? Because we want you to get the best possible results from being a member.

In the Cash For Cakes Bonus we examine:
  • What designs you are best at
  • What you want to achieve with your business
  • Beliefs around money and most importantly how to price
  • Time as well as ingredients
  • Unique 10 Step Pricing System
  • Plus sized Cake Calculator (valued at $24.99 / £18.00)
  • Ways to find new customers
  • 7 Step Sales wheel examining ways to secure sales
  • Templates and worksheets
  • What a new business needs to have in place
We feel that adding in Cash For Cakes programme along with the business and craft expert help being given in The Cake Circle will give any member a huge opportunity to launch their business into the stratosphere!
You have a choice...
When I asked many cake decorators recently what their biggest challenges were – I got a lot of answers. I will be covering the problems and challenges they revealed in The Cake Circle membership.

You can choose to continue struggling with pricing for each cake, and greatly undervalue your time... causing you to get overwhelmed, overworked, and fed up with a hobby you once enjoyed.

And maybe you'll eventually hit your huge business goals using the "bake until you drop" method, maybe you won't.

But the truth is... I don't want that for you.

And I don't think you want that either, or you wouldn't be on this page...

Second Bonus

Cake Calculator premium version included
Included within Cash for Cakes is a premium version of our world-famous Cake Calculator file. The lite version of this Calculator has been sold into 54 countries worldwide and costs £18/$25 on our website.
  • Premium version of The Cake Calculator
  • Add recipe and shopping costs
  • Calculates a Cost per Slice
  • Deposit and final Balance due
  • Add in optional % profit
  • Works in any decimal currency
  • Confident pricing including adding in a cost for your time.
Just arming you with a simple Cost Per Slice to discuss with a customer, makes a far simple cost discussion and potential order agreement with a customer.

Third Bonus

Success Pathway
Most other memberships which are crammed full of overwhelming information, but The Cake Circle has a structured path to follow.
  • Clear Success Pathway to signpost what area of business to focus on next
  • Downloadable trackers to check your progress
  • Save time with our unique laser focused trainings
  • Succeed faster with less effort
Advance your current cake business journey but with clarity. You cannot purchase the Success Pathway anywhere else. But its value is priceless

Fourth Bonus

The Craft and Cake Business Makeover recordings

The Cake Circle contains bonus recordings from a challenge CakeCoachOnline ran a couple of months ago.

There are 7 recordings in total.

I spoke at Cake International Summer Carnival and have included this content on Cake Pricing – pre-recorded just for The Cake Circle.

The four business sessions are

  • Cake Pricing and Your Time
  • Time management and Work-Life Balance
  • Getting Organised with customers, orders and social media
  • Getting Organised with customers, orders and social media

The three craft sessions included are

  • Achieving dark colours with buttercream
  • A striped cake tutorial
  • Pro tip for amending a mishap
  • Getting Organised with customers, orders and social media

These bonus recordings give powerful assistance to anyone starting or running a home baking business.

If you bought these 7 recordings separately you would pay £20 each – so £140 outlay as a total is a very conservative estimate at the very least.

Fourth Bonus

Expert Archive

There are now 48 videos of guest business and craft experts combined. All these are in the Archives and available for our members to view at their leisure.

£365 Cash for Cakes
£35 Cake Calculator premium version
Success Pathway
£1440 Expert Archive

So on top of the core content value of £217 every month, there is an additional £1840 of value, which you can access as a member.

So not only are you saving a huge amount every month, but also getting outstanding value and help for your cake and home baking business too.

So you can either:
1) Swallow up your precious family time, whilst not getting paid properly, while having little profit to show for all of your hard work and skill...
2) You can implement a tested and PROVEN system that is designed to propel your professional at-home cake business forward! With the support, encouragement and guidance from our team of experts. Who are willing to answer all your questions and show you the right direction you need to go to reach success.
If you want to stop under-cutting yourself, and start charging your customers properly...

If you want a REAL business that allows you the total flexibility of being at-home to raise your family...

If you want to not just dream of income goals, but accelerate past them using a structured plan...

Then this is the next step you need to take for your future:

You may have read this far and perhaps are thinking that you are not quite ready to learn about turning your hobby into a business and charging for your cakes.

Not ready yet to join The Cake Circle?

Why not try our lite version, Cupcake Party HQ.

This is perfect for cake decorators and bakers who want to make an income from their craft skills but are not yet ready to take on bespoke celebration cakes.

Here is the difference in the

2 levels of The Sweet Spot membership

The Sweet Spot Lite level
Cupcake Party HQ
How to plan your success cupcake party business
Welcome videos & advice from our unique guides
Guest experts monthly bringing business & mindset help
Discount codes from our partner warehouses
Graphics Done for you - for leaflets and social posts
Facebook community for Cupcake Party HQ
Cupcake Party HQ Success Pathway
The Sweet Spot Premium Level
The Cake Circle
All of the benefits of Lite membership PLUS
Welcome videos and advice for a bespoke cake decorating business owner
Group coaching call monthly
Business session with Karen
Lucky dip session covering both business and mindset help
Facebook community for The Cake Circle
Cash for Cakes bonus course
Cake Calculator premium edition
Cake Circle Success Pathway
Graphics Done for you - for social posts
Archived library of guest experts for The Cake Circle
What others have said about CakeCoachOnline ...

"The Cash For Cakes System will definitely make me more successful!"

Recently I've also signed up for the Cash for Cakes online course. I've completed the first month's module which deals with starting up a cake business, figuring out the market you are aiming for, setting up an action plan and more.

The course has made me think of things I'd never considered regarding my business and I think as the course goes on I am going to learn a lot that will definitely make me more successful.

Whether you're just starting out or been making cakes for a while but are unsure as to how to run the business side of things, I'd definitely recommend checking out all that's on offer from Cake Coach Online.

Jane Ibbs

"The BEST online business kit so far. This is the ONLY tool needed"

I have been baking for the past 10 years but my focus has only been on developing recipes and merely baking cakes for others. Pricing was based on what I feel was right, and of course when doing business with friends, I wouldn't want them to think that I overprice my cake although at times I realize now that I was hardly making any profit!

I also didn't have enough ideas on how to make this passion of mine really, really work. I was actually looking for a tool to help me with pricing my new cakes and desserts when I saw your advert online.

What I got was more than what I paid for. Marketing, Costing, advertising, planning, etc. etc. are what I have also learned from your program! You have successfully made all these topics easy to understand in relation to the business of baking!

I have bought a few online kits on helping bakers run their business but this is the best so far. I would recommend that this is the ONLY tool needed by them!

M. Shariff – Malaysia
My dear you are a genius. You have opened my eyes to easily jotting down all of my monthly fixed charges and being able to include them in my cake calculations for my per serving charge. I'm extremely grateful to you and that I found your system. I foresee my business growing in a fast pace. Thank you!

G Dennis - USA
Loving your product so much, I have advertised it to all the fellow bakers I find online. Bless and thank u for making it so much easier

Cara Dawson - Australia
P.S. Yes – I'm a REAL cake professional, who has built a REAL business...
(I'm not some nameless, faceless person. You'll get a direct response from me and other experts should you have a question. Call me old-school, but I still believe in taking care of people with good old-fashioned personal customer service.)

P.P.S. The small investment amount monthly is a tiny fraction of what it is COSTING you each and every month to not be hitting your Cake Business goals. Every month that you AREN'T making your financial goal...that's the amount that you're paying out as a penalty of not having your business set up and operating correctly. Imagine – it is just the price of a nice mug of coffee and a piece of cake per week.

How many more months will you allow your potential to slip through your fingers?

Get your business going in the right direction using our expert guidance coupled with our techniques, and you will already be on the road to using your membership investment wisely. ;)

P.P.P.S. Remember – this is a totally risk-free offer, because I'm putting ALL of the risk on me.

I'm offering a 30-Day money-back guarantee, which means you can try it out, and decide if you like it.

So join the membership and get the course as an added bonus. Join our sessions and soak up the course material. Put it into ACTION. And use the techniques to go set up your business and start filling cake orders!
Frequently Asked Questions
What if I want to cancel after a while? What do I do then?
You just let us know and we will ensure that your subscription is cancelled – and whilst we would be sad for you to go, we will wish you well on your baking journey.
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, you can order risk free today and take a full 30 days to go through the training and decide whether this is right for you. If for any reason or no reason at all you find that this isn't for you, simply send us completed worksheets from Module 1 and 2 of Cash for Cakes plus an email and we'll refund your entire investment. That means you don't even have to decide today. Buy today and take the next 30 days to decide whether this is right for you.
When will I get access to the training?
As soon as you place your order you will get an email with your logins and password and an invite to the Facebook community which means you can access the membership area for your Cash for Cakes bonus minutes from this very moment.
How long do I have access to the programme?
You have access to the training for as long as you remain a member in good standing. If you cancel your access is revoked.
I want to purchase in a currency other than dollars or sterling. Is this possible?
When you purchase your debit/credit card will be charged in your home currency, at the exchange rate prevailing at the time of purchase, so it is easy to purchase in dollars yet pay in the currency of your homeland.
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