At last... the help you want for your cake decorating hobby!

( to turn your passion and skills into a hobby to be proud of even if you don't know where to start)

Do you get asked by your friends and family 'could you bake me a quick cake?'

Do you wish you had more confidence to dive in and create things you never tried before?

Are you tired of the trial and error YouTube strategy with no one to answer your pressing questions?

Fret no more...

We have a solution for you...

How about a place where enthusiastic experts guide you through the craft skills? A place to get your questions answered there and then? A place to gain your confidence and know that the technique you are trying is correct. And the best and quickest way to achieve the look you desire?

Look no further and let me introduce you to . . .

The Bake N Craft Circle

This circle is the 'baby sister' of The Cake Circle.

We realised that there were many bakers and cake decorators wanting help. People who just wanted guidance with their baking and decorating hobby.

A way to enjoy their skill of creating. All the while getting assurance that their techniques are sound. Wanting to build their confidence to improve. Plus get the inspiration to advance quicker too.

These people are perhaps not yet ready to start charging for their work. These people are asking for help with their techniques for baking and sugarcraft.

Anyone who has been around baking and sugarcraft knows something too. There are many techniques involved. And a lot to learn too. And every week a new gadget appears on the market with another easy way to produce a stunning design too.

So if you think it's time to develop your skills in baking and cake decorating you are in the right place.

We decided to create a safe place. A membership where people could communicate together and learn new skills and strategies. A place where experts will guide you gently in the direction you need to go - answering any questions along the way. Somewhere to learn about craft skills in baking and sugarcraft.

Plus get the support and companionship you need.

Especially helpful, if you try creating cakes from home alone.

And so our latest CakeCoachOnline membership emerged. As a plan – especially suitable for our hobby bakers and cake makers.

So who exactly is The Bake N Craft Circle Membership for?

It is for someone who...

  • Adores their hobby.
  • Wants to hone their skills at baking
  • Would love to get their questions answered live – without leaving home
  • Knows that they need guidance. And help with skills and techniques on everything baking and sugarcraft.
  • Thinks having the support of experts giving them guidance every month would be great.
  • Would love a supportive group of people who understands their hobby. And gets all about any frustrations too.
  • Would love some encouragement and companionship from others. People who know exactly what they are experiencing.
  • Loves to spend their free time baking and decorating. And have a few laughs, too.
  • Is willing and eager to learn new things.
Or you have an option to get two months free 
by choosing an annual membership!

Please note: subscription prices do not include VAT for UK buyers

Hi - I am Karen MacFadyen and I love cake decorating too.

A little while ago, I realized something. That I could help cake designers/decorators. And that was by helping to develop their skills and passion for their hobby.

I wanted to help those who were learning their techniques. And that was by getting them confident with their skills. But without using the trial and error YouTube method.

So I have put together the BakeNCraft Circle as a membership. A way of getting regular support for our cake decorators and home bakers.

So what does this monthly membership include?
  • Craft Demonstration Sessions – broadcast live 3x monthly
    Learn new techniques in both baking and cake decorating. These sessions are live (as well as recorded too). And this gives our members every opportunity to ask the experts anything they wish to know. Additionally the members let us know what they wish to brush up on. This means that we can feature the techniques and baking skills most requested too.
  • Bake N Craft Circle 101 Guide series
    These guides are the basics of all things baking and cake decorating. They are ideal for anyone starting their baking and decorating journey. (And contain some pretty useful hints and tips for anyone who has been baking for a while too!)
  • A private Facebook group for The BakeNCraft Circle Members
    A great community of like minded bakers and decorators to connect with. A great source of inspiration and encouragement too.
  • Private 1:1 tuition available with our Craft Experts at exclusive affordable members-only rates
    We don't want our members to get stuck on any techniques. So we have added in the availability of the Craft Tutors offering one to one bookable help, at preferential affordable members only rates.
  • Extra Hints and tips and guidance
    These will appear in the Facebook group in bite size chunks from the Experts
  • Discounts from equipment and supplier warehouses
    All Bake N Craft members will have access to monthly discounts from online equipment and supplier warehouses. Currently we have 10% discounts being offered from both The Cake Decorating Company and CakeCraftWorld (UK) and BakeDeco (USA) are coming on board too. We wanted to make your hobby of baking and decorating more affordable. The discount codes will be posted up monthly for members to use.
  • Email round up of news direct to your inbox
    To ensure you don't miss a thing
So what is confidence worth to you?

Let me just ask you something.

Do you want to continue with your 'teach yourself' searching for free videos method? Or get some expert structured training for baking and decorating?

Our qualified guidance is here to make your life much easier.

For less than a price of a takeout coffee per week.

So you can either:
1) Use up your precious personal time attempting to teach yourself. Never being certain if the advice was correct. Maybe throwing out the results of a night's work. Another failed recipe or technique disaster. Resulting in loss of both time and wasting money...
2) You can put in place the techniques. And learn the strategies taught in the BakeNCraft Circle. These will propel your baking and craft skills forward...

Leaving you free to enjoy your hobby, knowing that your designs and bakes will work. Along with the support, encouragement and guidance from our team of experts. The experts are willing to answer all your questions live. To guide you in the right direction to reach the success you desire!
The sessions are available even if you can't make a live session. Just pop your questions into the Facebook private community group. The experts will help you inside the membership group too.

This is the next step needed to take your hobby to the next level:

Click the button below to sign up for
The Bake N Craft Circle Membership today!
Or you have an option to get two months free 
by choosing an annual membership:
Please note: subscription prices do not include VAT for UK buyers

We truly only want delighted customers and are therefore offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you are disappointed with your purchase and would like a refund please contact us and your refund will be dealt with speedily and without grumpiness!

P.S. Yes - I'm a REAL cake professional, who has built a REAL business...
(I'm not some nameless, faceless person. You'll get a direct response from me and other experts should you have a question. Call me old-school, but I still believe in taking care of people with good old-fashioned personal customer service.)

P.P.S. The small investment amount monthly is a tiny fraction of what attending classes outside of home could cost. . Imagine – it is just the price of a nice mug of coffee a week.
How many more months will you carry on struggling with the trial and error method?

P.P.P.S. Remember – this is a totally risk-free offer, because I'm putting ALL of the risk on me.

I'm offering a 30-Day money back guarantee, which means you can try it out, and decide if you like it.

So join the membership. Join our sessions and soak up the strategies being taught. Put it into ACTION.
Or you have an option to get two months free 
by choosing an annual membership:
Please note: subscription prices do not include VAT for UK buyers
Frequently Asked Questions
Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes, you can order risk free today and take a full 30 days to decide whether this is right for you. If for any reason or no reason at all you find that this isn't for you, simply send us an email. We will refund your entire investment. That means you don't even have to decide today. Buy today and take the next 30 days to decide whether this membership is right for you.
When will I get access to the membership?
As soon as you place your order you will get an email. This will contain your invite to the Facebook community. Once you request to join the Bake N Craft Circle you can then access the group once access is granted by the admins.
How long do I have access to the membership?
You have access to the membership for as long as you remain a member in good standing. If you cancel your access to the membership group is revoked.
What if I progress well with my baking and craft skills and decide I would like to be a member of the Cake Circle instead?
You would be very welcome to upgrade to the next tier up. This means that you can get access to our business building content and support too. Just email us and we can organise the upgrade from your next membership payment due. And send you the appropriate links for you to join and upgrade your membership.
I want to buy in a currency other than dollars or sterling. Is this possible?
When you buy your debit/credit card will be charged in your home currency. This is at the exchange rate prevailing at the time of buying. So it is easy to buy in dollars yet pay in the currency of your homeland.
What if I want to cancel after a while? What do I do then?
You just let us know and we will ensure that your subscription is cancelled from the very next payment due. And whilst we would be sad for you to go, we will wish you well on your baking journey. Just ensure you give us at least 5 days notice from your payment due date. This gives the admin team time enough to cancel the subscription.
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